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Sous Vide – So Good! Cooking under vacuum the French way for delicious recipes and results.

This cookbook is focused on the French culinary trend, sous vide, or cooking “under vacuum.” Used with delicious success in five star gourmet restaurants around the world since its discovery in the early 70s, sous vide is now taking the world of home cooking by storm, thanks to streamlined water ovens and immersion elements, designed with the home kitchen in mind. 

Along with many mouthwatering recipes you will also learn all about the sous vide cooking process including:
•    The French restaurant roots of sous vide
•    The advantages of cooking the sous vide way
•    How the sous vide process works
•    The latest sous vide equipment available 
•    Tips for getting the most out of cooking sous vide
•    Sous vide tricks from the professionals
•    Keeping home sous vide safe

Learn the facts about this innovative cooking method so that you can enjoy learning a new technique that highlights fresh, flavorful food at its healthiest without worrying that it’s a complicated process that should only be undertaken by trained professional chefs. Sous vide takes its cues from elegant and sophisticated French cuisine, including the European tradition of taking inexpensive cuts of meat and cooking it to tender perfection, as well as turning the spotlight on simple foods like fresh vegetables and wholesome poached eggs, by enveloping them in classic elegant sauces all now virtually at your fingertips once you start cooking the sous vide way!
Turn your kitchen into a sophisticated French bistro. Buy this book today and begin your sous vide culinary adventure!



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