Global G-1800L – Two-Sided Sharpening Whetstone, Rough/Medium


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Product DescriptionG-1800L Features: -High quality knives should be sharpened with high quality hones.-The brown side of this combination whetstone is rough at 240 grit.-Blue side is graded at medium, with 1000 grit.

Amazon.comThis two-sided whetstone offers two degrees of coarseness for honing knife edges. The orange side is coarse (Grit 240) for honing dull edges. The gray side is medium (Grit 1000) and used in the second step of honing for bringing edges to a sharpness suitable for use. The whetstone requires submersion in water for 10 to 15 minutes before use. It fits into a removable rubber base that prevents slippage while it’s being used. The whetstone measures 7-1/8 inches long, 2-3/8 inches wide, and 1-1/8 inches thick. Instructions and diagrams for proper honing are included. –Fred Brack


  • Two-sided whetstone (Grits 240 and 1000) hones knife edges
  • Requires submersion in water before use
  • Rubber base prevents slipping
  • 7-1/8 inches long, 2-3/8 inches wide, 1-1/8 inches thick
  • Honing instructions and diagrams included


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