Beer Can Chicken Holder For Use With Instant Pot or Grill

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DIRECTIONS: First clean and pat down bird. Add your rub or sauce accordingly. If using a rub please use generously on both front and back and be sure to rub into your bird evenly. Spill out or sip a few from your can. Place can in the holder. Set from open cavity of the bird on top of the beer or soda can. Legs should be in a sitting position. If you are using a 6 QT be sure your bird is 4 lbs. or less. You may have to tuck and tilt a tad to be able to close the lid. The Insta-rack is also great for wrapping two racks of ribs around. After cooking, you may then remove the rack and place under your broiler for crispy skin. Give your bird amazing flavor. Steaming beer gently flavors the chicken, turkey or beef and keeps it moist. Upright position of the bird helps crisp up the skin (if using on the BBQ or in the oven) and melt out the fat. Round base stabilizes the chicken in the pot and on the grill or oven. Rack can be used individually to do potatoes or corn. Dishwasher safe. For use in the 8 Qt. you can go larger on your bird and that is the preferred pot for using the rack to do a chicken. ribs,sausage and vegetables are with ease in the 6 Qt. For oven or BBQ go as large as you like. ALWAYS be sure your pressure cooker pin has dropped before opening lid. Follow all proper safety precautions when cooking in your pressure cookers.


  • Quality ALL Stainless steel. Place either Beer Can or soda can in the secure can holder of rack. 4 Skewers for veggies, or potatoes.
  • One of the best Instant Pot Accessories for cooking chicken, ribs and sausage. Makes the cooking process easier and virtually fail proof
  • The Insta-rack cooks a 4-pound or less chicken upright by beer can method in the 6 Qt. and a larger size chicken in the 8 Qt.
  • Stainless-steel; safe for charcoal grills, gas grills, and ovens. Dishwasher safe
  • Uses any 12-ounce can of beer or soda for moisture


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